Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New stuff in my box !!

Midnight sale is a heaven for shopping lovers !

Then i got this 2 items on midnight sale.. They got discounted of course ... Hhhhaa LOL
Makeover is an indonesian cosmetic brand, they launched on mid-year of 2012.

Then,i'll give you some review ..

* trio eyeshadow - black goodiva
Very pigmented eyeshadow ! So so love it ! :)
Its a perfect match to make an seductive smoky eyes,,
The silver one comes with some shimmer, and little bit blue-ish ( i dont know ive use the right idioms or not :D ), and the other color is shimmer gray, and matte black.
Comes with a puffy applicator, but i love eyeshadow brush more .. 
But, the packaging look so cheap (??) for local un-cheap (??) brand LOL.
As you can see the eyeshadow plate look so messy .. this isnt looking nice :(

* conturing kit
Comes in a dark brown for shading, and light beige for highlighting.
In my opinion, it comes best if you use it after aplying foundation, you'll look thinner ? LOL . Thats what we expect from conturing kit . Isnt it ?
I love the brown color most, its brown, dark brown, wont being reddish brown ( i've other brand conturing kit items, and the brown is reddish brown. Hate it ! )
It attached with a small brush, but i recommend to use your own brush ..
The attached brush fur are too thick, and hard.
Besides the brush, i love this kit :) i look thinner !! Yeaaayyy !!

-- I have no time to take other photos, maybe in next post i would give you more detailed information --

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