Monday, March 24, 2014


Hello !

how are you ?
it's been so loooong since my last post
ive been really busy with all my activities
then dont have any single time to post something

i try to recreate CL's makeup on 2NE1's HAPPY MV
the makeup are a bit tricky, it will works really great if you have single lid

This is how i do the makeup

1. Wear your favourite primer - foundation - then powder, use your very own coverage
2. Shape Up your brow, i use the faceshop lovely me:ex design my eyebrow shade #5-brown
3. Create your winged liner using your favourite eyeliner. On this makeup i didnt use any eyeshadow on my lids
4. I put a fake lashes, wear your favourite lashes. but in this style i reccomend to wear a short, but thick and full lashes
5. Use aqua coloured eyeshadow on half of your lower eyeline
6. Re-draw your winged liner, i reccomend to use gel liner, it's stong, long lasting and have a bold colour
7. Use black eyeshadow or gel liner draw your lower eyeline. And your look are done !

Say YAY and everything are done

Complete your CL's Look by using nude coloured lisptick and straight bangs !

this is my result ...

Hope you all always HAPPY !
See you on next tutorial !!

** Xoxo