Friday, November 29, 2013

Lets Have Natural Brow

Hey Gorgeous !

Can you go out without drawing your eyebrow ?
For me, I can't

Sometimes I see people have a not-right eyebrow
What the not-right brow ??
*this just based on my opinion, feel free to correct me

1. Too Reddish pencil color, and using black color
2. Too wide and too thick
3. Ends Up too long *like a hell whip, in Indonesia is pecut neraka LOL
4. Not Brushed

This is how i do to get natural brow

Besides the step to draw you need to know the brow composition

There's some tools to draw your brow, pick it carefully to match you best !

1. Eyebrow Pencil
The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow
With a triangle pencil shape, and eyebrow brush on the other end
It a nice tools to travelled along, and create perfect daily brow

2. Eyebrow Cake
ELF Eyebrow Cake Kit
it's a nice kit to draw bold eyebrow, but take some times to made it neatly

3. Eyeshadow
NYX Smoky Look Pallete

Take your matte eyeshadow, in brown, dark brow, grey, or black
Using angled brush draw your brow *just follow natural brow shape
It create really soft eyebrow, but looks really natural

How if I dont want to shave my brow ?
or I cant define really good shape of brow ??

Dont worry

This helpfull kit would help u to get really good brow

I found the best tool using eyeshadow and angled brush

Well, It's really simple to have a natural brow, right ??
Hope this post could give Benefit for you !

See You on next post


Monday, November 25, 2013

Miss A Hush Makeup Tutorial

Annyeong !!

This post is my second post about MISS A - HUSH makeup
last post are about SUZY's Makeup
and today i would give the rest members makeup tutorial

Well, should we check ??

The Makeup are a bit mature, Bold, and simply seductive

it's nice to wear in a night party

I got the picture from Miss A's Line

The rest members have a same makeup *i think
So i just do one tutorial for JIA, MIN, and FEI makeup look ^^

Lets Start !

1. It's essential ! prepare your skin with primer, foundation, and finish it by set by powder
2. Draw your brow using brown coloured eyebrow. Draw a bit thick and strong
3. Put your favourite primer, and wear light brown eyeshadow ( MUA Undress Me Shade 4 ) put all over your eyelid
4. Put dark brown eyeshadow ( MUA Undress Me Shade 8) on your crease. Just until this step you already got a simply seductive eyes !
5. Create a racoon-eyes like, i recommend to use gel liner because the staying power and easy to reach hard areas. draw the liner all 
over your lid, and for a your lower lash line blend it using dark brown eyeshadow (blending brush + dark brown eyeshadow)
6. Take black matte eyeshadow, using your blending brush start to made the smoky eyes. Start from outer crease, blend it to inner crease. 
Made it faded from black to dark brown. See how beautiful the color comes out
7. When it comes out too much black, take the dark brown eyeshadow again, and blend to the black. keep repeat this step until you got yours
8. Done !!
Finish your look by using red lipstick, on this tutorial i use MNY COlor Sensational Red Porcelain

Product I Use : 

* Etude House Baby Choux Skin Base
* NYX HD Foundation
* Make Over Powder
* Makeup Academy Undress Me Pallete
* MNY Gel Eyeliner
* Wet N Wild Color Icon Blue Had Me at Hello
* MNY COlor Sensational C#Red Porcelain

And Here's my result ..

I try to reenact MIN, i just updo my hair and made it look like BOB Hair

Well the result are really made my face look mature

and when i update my chat's avatar
some of my friend ask me 
" did you do surgery? "
Sometimes makeup could made a surgery effect ^^

Dont Forget To Smile !
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

2NE1 MISSING YOU .. *wanna do the makeup ^^

Then, the girls come again !!
with a new song, and the song are really sorrow, deep, sentimental ..
ah really love it !

And what always i see detailed are their makeup
i want to redo the makeup !

see you on the tutorial !!

Today i go out with CL's eyeliner style
and i draw the fake mole *LOL

love CL's 20's Eyeliner

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review : Real Technique Core Collection

Let me ask you something
What the essential thing to do makeup ??

Your answer may vary
And my answer are the brushes

Doing Makeup Is Like a Drawing in Canvas
We need really good canvas to start drawing something awesome
So do with makeup, and this is the core to start your flawless look

" Real Technique Core Collection"

This is one of my wishlist, and after read some review i decide to buy it
And here is my review ..

Comes in clear box, this 4 core brushes are :
1. Pointed Foundation Brush
Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage

My Opinion : To Small to use it as foundation applicator, but it does it's own job to apply foundation, but i think the coverage are sheer to medium coverage

2. Buffing Brush
Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
My Opinion : This is the BEST !! I love how this brush deliver the powder to my face, the result are really flawless and could be set up to High Coverage

3, Contour Brush
Delicate applies highlighter to countour or create sheer, soft focus finish
My Opinion : It does really good job to create the face contour, i use it to apply my blush-on too. And it comes really good, the best result to apply blush on are in 
circular motion

4. Detailer Brush
Precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
My Opinion : I use this brush as Lipstick brush, and it does its job really well. The shape are really neat, and i dont know what to write, but i love very much !

Final Thought :
1. I LOVE this collection of RT, really love
2. All the brushes does great job
3. the bristles are really soft
4. Pointed Brush should be a bit bigger
5. It's really make my face look flawless

When your canvas are done very good
your makeup would be great !!
an essential thing to do a good makeup are a good canvas, too !
See you on next post !!!
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Coming Up !

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Miss A Hush Makeup Tutorial ( Suzy )

Hi !!
Are your day tastier than lollipop ? *LOL

Today im gonna show how to do Suzy'z Makeup On MISS A HUSH MV
Honestly the makeup are really simple, and maybe i already made other tutorial which is almost same
But there is some reason why im doing it, right ?
Let's find out what !

As an usual lets take a look on the original makeup first

It's just a simple smoky eyes, right ?
And if it's just a simple smoky eyes then we could wear it daily, am i right or wrong ??

So, lets start to do it !

1. Face

Start from wear your favourite foundation, and made it matte using your favourite powder
Liquid foundation are my HG foundie, i could build the coverage, medium to high

2. Conturing

Nose Conturing : Wear Dark Brown Eyeshadow or COnturing Kit, draw a shadow on your left and right side nose. Dont draw too thin, it could be seen unreal
Cheek Conturing : Just follow your cheeckbone start from ear to your cheeck. It's hiked down. If the shade being too much or too thick, blend it using powder

click to zoom

3. Eyes
Hummmm the makeup are really simple, lets start to do it
1. Draw your brow, i prefer using dark brown eyeshadow to got natural look
2. Dark brown/ Bronze eyeshadow. Put all over eyes
3. Start From lower lash line, draw a winged eyeliner using black colored eyeshadow
4. Then made a cateye to your crease, blend it made it soft
5. When you feels it needed blend using blending brush

4. Lips
Well the look almost done, wear your favourite red lipstick
But, wear a red lipstick are 3x harder than other colour. It should be lined up perfectly

How to made your red lisptick perfect are use the right brush, it's essential
then draw the lipstick from outer side to inner side, draw the outer line first, then fill it.
How if the lipstick ruined ? Use cotton bud to remove it.

And your look are done !

See, this is my result

the makeup cant be clearly seen :(
So, that's all .. 
See you on next post !!

lots a new toy *LOL
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review - Unboxing Real Techniques Travel Essential Brush By Samantha Chapman

Doing a makeup is like a shooting
You need a good gun, and a good bullet
When you doing makeup
You need a great brushes, and a good items
*actually this is just my opinion based my experience

So, today i gonna show while im unboxing my new babies


Doing makeup is like my daily routine, my daily work
Then a good brushes are essential ! must !
When thinking about brushes the first brand come to my mind are Sigma's brushes
*sigh till now i cant take them to my beauty case

Then some of beauty guru's on youtube lemme know this brushes, Real Technique


Actually i interested in their Core Collection & Travel Essential Sets
But i take the Travel Essential Anyway, due to the multi-task brushes are MULTIFUNCTION 

It Offers : 
My travel essentials provide everything you need to create flawless looks at home and away 
- look pixel perfect even in harsh light
- ultra plush taklon bristles 
- High Definition Result

Stand In on Panoramic Case

The Brushes :
Every Brushes are have an alumunium or stainless *correct me* handle and flat ends, so it could stand steady

On the travel Essential set i got :

1. Essential Foundation Brush
Build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer

Pro : The bristles are Nylon-Like, with a pointed shape, really soft,it's easy to reach "hard" surface
Cons : Too small if you want to use it as all-over-face-foundie-brushes

2. Domed Shadow Brushes
tapered design smoothly shades and defines eyes

Pro : Bristles are fur-like with a domes shape, it's soft but steady, well i think it could use as blending brushes too
Cons : Too big for my eyelid

3. Multi task brush
for efortless application of powder, blush and bronzer

Pro : Multitask, all-in-one, really efficient ! bristles are soft, domed shape and actually looked same with the domed shadow one
It could deliver the powder, blush and bronzer to my face really good. Wear it by circular motion and get the best result !
then since you would it as multi task brushes wear the items by this order powder-bronzer-blush *dont mess the order or you ruin your makeup
the bristles *softsoftsoft*

Cons : if it a bit bigger, it's perfect !

Final Thought

- I love it, but not LOOOOOVVEEEEEE it
- Stil want to take the Core Collection
- Bristles are soft but wear it by sideways angle
- The case are not cute *im-cute-things-lunatic*
- It's a complete mate to beauty lovers travel time
- Affordable Price ( around US$ 20 )

Finding a good brushes are like finding a mate
If it good, i would spent a lot of time with it
If it bad, i'll leave it
So, take the best brushes, to made a best makeup !
See you on the next post 


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And still thinking what a good items i would give
Would you join ??
let me know