Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Miss A Hush Makeup Tutorial ( Suzy )

Hi !!
Are your day tastier than lollipop ? *LOL

Today im gonna show how to do Suzy'z Makeup On MISS A HUSH MV
Honestly the makeup are really simple, and maybe i already made other tutorial which is almost same
But there is some reason why im doing it, right ?
Let's find out what !

As an usual lets take a look on the original makeup first

It's just a simple smoky eyes, right ?
And if it's just a simple smoky eyes then we could wear it daily, am i right or wrong ??

So, lets start to do it !

1. Face

Start from wear your favourite foundation, and made it matte using your favourite powder
Liquid foundation are my HG foundie, i could build the coverage, medium to high

2. Conturing

Nose Conturing : Wear Dark Brown Eyeshadow or COnturing Kit, draw a shadow on your left and right side nose. Dont draw too thin, it could be seen unreal
Cheek Conturing : Just follow your cheeckbone start from ear to your cheeck. It's hiked down. If the shade being too much or too thick, blend it using powder

click to zoom

3. Eyes
Hummmm the makeup are really simple, lets start to do it
1. Draw your brow, i prefer using dark brown eyeshadow to got natural look
2. Dark brown/ Bronze eyeshadow. Put all over eyes
3. Start From lower lash line, draw a winged eyeliner using black colored eyeshadow
4. Then made a cateye to your crease, blend it made it soft
5. When you feels it needed blend using blending brush

4. Lips
Well the look almost done, wear your favourite red lipstick
But, wear a red lipstick are 3x harder than other colour. It should be lined up perfectly

How to made your red lisptick perfect are use the right brush, it's essential
then draw the lipstick from outer side to inner side, draw the outer line first, then fill it.
How if the lipstick ruined ? Use cotton bud to remove it.

And your look are done !

See, this is my result

the makeup cant be clearly seen :(
So, that's all .. 
See you on next post !!

lots a new toy *LOL
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