Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review : Real Technique Core Collection

Let me ask you something
What the essential thing to do makeup ??

Your answer may vary
And my answer are the brushes

Doing Makeup Is Like a Drawing in Canvas
We need really good canvas to start drawing something awesome
So do with makeup, and this is the core to start your flawless look

" Real Technique Core Collection"

This is one of my wishlist, and after read some review i decide to buy it
And here is my review ..

Comes in clear box, this 4 core brushes are :
1. Pointed Foundation Brush
Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage

My Opinion : To Small to use it as foundation applicator, but it does it's own job to apply foundation, but i think the coverage are sheer to medium coverage

2. Buffing Brush
Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
My Opinion : This is the BEST !! I love how this brush deliver the powder to my face, the result are really flawless and could be set up to High Coverage

3, Contour Brush
Delicate applies highlighter to countour or create sheer, soft focus finish
My Opinion : It does really good job to create the face contour, i use it to apply my blush-on too. And it comes really good, the best result to apply blush on are in 
circular motion

4. Detailer Brush
Precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
My Opinion : I use this brush as Lipstick brush, and it does its job really well. The shape are really neat, and i dont know what to write, but i love very much !

Final Thought :
1. I LOVE this collection of RT, really love
2. All the brushes does great job
3. the bristles are really soft
4. Pointed Brush should be a bit bigger
5. It's really make my face look flawless

When your canvas are done very good
your makeup would be great !!
an essential thing to do a good makeup are a good canvas, too !
See you on next post !!!
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  1. kulitnya muyuuusss *salah fokus*
    skincare routine nya apa sih??? hehe
    waaah real techniques brush memang gak perlu diragukan lagi ya..

    1. Hhii cuma cuci muka pake sabun l glutjatione ..
      Ini kuas meracuni bgt . Bahayaaaaa


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