Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review - Unboxing Real Techniques Travel Essential Brush By Samantha Chapman

Doing a makeup is like a shooting
You need a good gun, and a good bullet
When you doing makeup
You need a great brushes, and a good items
*actually this is just my opinion based my experience

So, today i gonna show while im unboxing my new babies


Doing makeup is like my daily routine, my daily work
Then a good brushes are essential ! must !
When thinking about brushes the first brand come to my mind are Sigma's brushes
*sigh till now i cant take them to my beauty case

Then some of beauty guru's on youtube lemme know this brushes, Real Technique


Actually i interested in their Core Collection & Travel Essential Sets
But i take the Travel Essential Anyway, due to the multi-task brushes are MULTIFUNCTION 

It Offers : 
My travel essentials provide everything you need to create flawless looks at home and away 
- look pixel perfect even in harsh light
- ultra plush taklon bristles 
- High Definition Result

Stand In on Panoramic Case

The Brushes :
Every Brushes are have an alumunium or stainless *correct me* handle and flat ends, so it could stand steady

On the travel Essential set i got :

1. Essential Foundation Brush
Build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer

Pro : The bristles are Nylon-Like, with a pointed shape, really soft,it's easy to reach "hard" surface
Cons : Too small if you want to use it as all-over-face-foundie-brushes

2. Domed Shadow Brushes
tapered design smoothly shades and defines eyes

Pro : Bristles are fur-like with a domes shape, it's soft but steady, well i think it could use as blending brushes too
Cons : Too big for my eyelid

3. Multi task brush
for efortless application of powder, blush and bronzer

Pro : Multitask, all-in-one, really efficient ! bristles are soft, domed shape and actually looked same with the domed shadow one
It could deliver the powder, blush and bronzer to my face really good. Wear it by circular motion and get the best result !
then since you would it as multi task brushes wear the items by this order powder-bronzer-blush *dont mess the order or you ruin your makeup
the bristles *softsoftsoft*

Cons : if it a bit bigger, it's perfect !

Final Thought

- I love it, but not LOOOOOVVEEEEEE it
- Stil want to take the Core Collection
- Bristles are soft but wear it by sideways angle
- The case are not cute *im-cute-things-lunatic*
- It's a complete mate to beauty lovers travel time
- Affordable Price ( around US$ 20 )

Finding a good brushes are like finding a mate
If it good, i would spent a lot of time with it
If it bad, i'll leave it
So, take the best brushes, to made a best makeup !
See you on the next post 


Ps : I planned to do giveaway on next month !
And still thinking what a good items i would give
Would you join ??
let me know


  1. hahaha my lifetime wishlist! >.<
    of course i would join your giveaway if there is any :D

    1. come take them !
      well i already post about my giveaway ------>
      hope you join it !


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