Monday, November 04, 2013

MAKEUP TUTORIAL : GIVE IT TO ME ( BORA ) and Kpop Idol Makeup Challenge

Hello, Darl !
Today i want to give a Bora's makeup tutorial on Sistar's Give It To Me MV
I do it to entered giveaway from Yevi Ng's blog Check Here ! 

There will be 3 Prize, For 3 Winners *WOOOOOWWW !

First Winner - Etude House Rose Flowering Eyes
Second Winner - Etude House BB Cushion
Third Winner - Spice Foam Miniature

Im a Sistar Biased
I love their song, their dance, their MV, especially their makeup
So, I would show how to make Bora's Makeup on Give It To Me MV

Lets take a look on the MV's Caps first !

I Love Cateye and Smoky Makeup
It's simply made my eyes look bigger, and better
Im a Cateye Makeup biased !!!

Lets start to do the makeup !

1. Wear your favourite Foundation or BB Cream. Finish by set it by powder
2. Draw your brow using brown colour, and finish it by using eyebrow mascara
3. To help your eyechadow colour popped-out much, put eyeprimer. I do it by made 3 dots and spread it using hand all over my eyelid
4. Wear bronze coloured eyeshadow on your eyelid
5. Draw winged eyeliner, and use mascara on your lashes
6. I put fake eyelashes, and draw the eyeliner again. Make it a bit thicker
7. Using black colored eyeshadow, draw 1/3 part of your lower eyeline, draw it a bit thick
8. Draw the rest 2/3 with black colour again, but thinner, and soft. finish it by put highlighter on  yout tear ducts

Due to over-rushed makeup i forget to take a pic of cheek and lips :(
Wear pinky blush on and use a pink lipstick.
And your look are done !

And here is my result ..

I Love how cateye popped out my eyes !!
*sigh what a chubby cheek :(

and this is my submit for the challenge

* I try to reenact Bora's Pose LOL
i loose my confident to put my photo beside her

Hope could take one of the item
i wish the rossy pallete come to me *LOL

Well, thats all
Have a great day !
Have a great makeup !
and dont let your boyfriend ruin your mascara !
and hope on next post i didnt show my chubby cheecks again 

Love Ya !


  1. awww lovely tutorial Emily!!
    hope you win this makeup challange~~
    Bora is so prettty!!
    psshh! what chubby cheeks??!!! Your cheeks are fine (≧‿≦)
    xxox Charmaineee

    1. I hope so, really want to try the rosy pallete
      my cheeks are chubby without the 45 degree photo agle *sigh
      thanks for viewing my blog ! *kisss*


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