Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Troublemaker Hyuna Now "There is no tommorow" Makeup

Hai Beauties !
How's your day ?
Hope your day are great :)

Today i wanna show you how to made hyuna-like makeup on Troublemaker's new MV There is No Tommorow (now)

Check their MV below


Ohh gawd .. hyunseung ^^

Well, lets start it !
first let we see the hyuna's makeup first

Ooops that's not hyuna 

Well, it's the real Hyuna

Makeup Check :
It's seductive
and like a sleepless

i'll show how to do it !

1. Wear your favourite foundation, and finish by set it by powder
Build to medium coverage
2. Drawing Brow
Draw a bit thin, in brown or dark brown colour, finish by using eyebrow mascara
3. Prime Your Eyes
Primer helps your shadow popped-out more, and made your primer lasting longer
i use by made dot on my lid then spread it using hand
and when you have dry lips it's a good time to apply your lip balm to moisture your lip and let it absorps well
4. Shade it On !
I decide to wear dark brown matte eyeshadow to get a sleepless eye effect
i wear MUA Undress Me Pallete Shade 5
Spread it all over your lid
5. Highlight
Use a bronze coloured eyeshadow to made higlight on your eyes, i made the highlight just on the lid in front of eyeball. made it rounded and let the other side still matte
6. Liner & Mascara
Draw a simple eyeliner, which one suit your eyes best. draw it thin just to define your eyeline
then finish it by using mascara, make it thick
7. Racoon
made a eyeline like a racoon eye, still it's like sleepless
i use my small blending brush ( masami shouko 210 ) & MUA Undress Me shade 8 on my lower eyeline, draw it from outer line eyes to tear duct
Give a bit black shade on your eyelid, draw 1/3 lower lash line
 using black coloured eyeshadow
8. Finish your look by wearing red lipstick
It's really seductive :)

Wear your Tartan shirt and the look are done ! 

this is my result 

wear this look on night party, it's really natural but seductive makeup for you who dislike the heavy smoky eyes

And hyunseung made me speechless
again speechless

There's no tommorow !
lets start to being beautiful NOW !

See Ya !

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