Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review : Naomi Eyelashes

Hello, girls !
What a nice Sunday !
A good time for have a own beauty-quality time
I typed this post while having a face mask, what a enjoyed Sunday

When it related to makeup items, i love everything about the eyes item
Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Faux Lashes, and all thing for eyes

Today i wanna tell a review about my new faux lashes
It's "Naomi Eyelashes"
Actually i never heard this brand first, but when i see their collection on my IG
*Gasp* their lower lashes are really good

What makes me buy it ?
- Various Lashes Type *of course
- Affordable Price ( IDR 25.000 )
- The Package *it's really cute !
- And Plus the costumer service are really kind
So, i lured some naomi lashes to my beauty case

The Package :
Its packaged in a colourfull box, with a sexy girl printed on it. The lashes stored in a clear lashes storage

The Price :
IDR 25.000/each. But i got it on sale around IDR 12.500 to IDR 17.500
In my opinion it's really affordable price

The Lashes :
Top Lashes Haul

Im excited. The lashes have a really good quality
- soft-hair
- Stick Naturally to eyes
- Lightweight *i feel i didnt wear faux-lashes when i wear it
- The lashes shapes are give an 'ulzzang' and 'kawaii' effect *LOL*
Bottom Lashes Haul
Lets Try It :
I havent try out all the type that i hauled
But just from this 3 types, i could say It Really Great Lashes !

Will i repurchase ?
YES, Definietly YES. Im a lashes lover, honestly !

Last but not least, i love this lashes so much
It's a good and worth to try
Especially the bottom lashes, well it's really hard to find really good bottom faux lashes

I love Miss A - Hush makeup, should i try to do the tutorial ?
let me know !
See You on the next post !
just a pic spam *LOL

disclaimer : All product are my own buy, non endorsed. xoxo


  1. iih lucu! produk asli indo kah? mungkin mirip2 sama elisse atau d'eyeko yah diliat dari harganya..
    beli di mana?
    anyway lashes nya cantik banget pas dipakai sama kamu ^^

    1. Agree! Lucu bgt !
      Kalo menurut ak ini kaya versi murahnya dollywink, bulunya lembut banget, trus pake clear string gitu. Kalo ellise ama d eyeko kan masih pake benang item yang kaya ijuk gitu *ak gatau nyebutnya apa
      ak nemu di IG. @Naomi_eyelashes

      Thanks udah mampir :)

  2. aiiih bulu matanya lucu lucu >< nanti deh aku bel ya hehehe. kemarin aku juga habis beli bulu matanya aldo akira, udah tau belum? modelnya suka semua hahahaha. nice review :*

    1. iyaa, tau :) ak juga pernah nyoba
      makasih udah mampir xoxo

  3. super cute lashes, aku jd pengen beli haaa racun nih hehehe
    good review dear, your eyes are so pretty

    1. Hhhiiii ... Racun di blog itu racun paling ampuh !!
      Aku suka bgt ama bulu mata ini *bukaniklan*
      walaupun awal beli cuma random pick

  4. makin pengen beli naomi eyelash <3
    suka sama foto selfie mu yg pertama dear ^^ cutenyaa

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