Monday, November 04, 2013

Review - Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara

Hello, All !
Lets say hello to November !

When thinking about mascara, the brand that always comes to my mind is Maybelline
why ? they have various type of mascara, worth by price, and great product

Say Hello to Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express !
this is a new variant of Maybelline's Mascara

What it offers ?
* Revolutionary Ultra-Sonic Brush
* 8x Volume
* Explosive Volume That Extends
* Clump-Free In Rocket Time
* Washable

Here's the review

* The Brush : Supersonic

I touch it, and feels like made from rubber
For me it helps to lenghten and thicken my lashes, and the brush shape are designed to fitted lashes shape perfectly
it helps to prevent the mascara drip to your eyes

* Lets Wear It
Left side is my eye without mascara, and the right side is my eye with mascara

it's hard to take my lashes's selca
** I apply it from root to tip with a circular motion

It's longer and thicken, right ?
I really impressed by Rocket Volume, my lashes really explode to long and thick lashes but looks very natural
Well, in my opinion a good makeup is the most natural makeup :)

* Is it Clump ?
No. Once again No.

* What ? Washable ?
The BA told me this mascara are washable, thats why no waterproff labelled. At first i feel very happy, so say goodbye to makeup remover, and goodbye to mascara leftover.
But when i think twice, what ? non-waterproof ?
how if i have a bad boy friend ? then made me cry everyday . After i cry my face would look terrible *the-mascara-dripping
So i do this "fake tears" test

I made a fake tears using my contact lens water, after i winked around 3 times the mascara start dripping, the drips are like a gel.
then i wiped with tissue, just one wipe and all the mascara are gone *impressed again

Lastly, I Love this mascara so much !
* It's clump free
* Thicken and Longer my lashes really natural
* It's perfect for daily use
But not the perfect one if you had a bad boyfriend *LOL

"Someday you need to choose between washable mascara or the bad boyfriend"
See Ya !


  1. Hey, Emily! Nice tutorials you got here. I just started to learn on how to use makeup and these are perfect! Thanks for following my blog and I hope my posts can somehow benefit you in any way.
    Anyway, keep posting great stuffs! :D

    1. Hi Nuraina :)
      Thanks for coming to my blog
      well IMO doing makeup is sometimes hard, sometimes really simple :D
      I wait frm something awesome frm u ! xoxo

    2. My pleasure! It's always nice to discover great posts in among beauty bloggers.
      Haha :D I am working on something... hehe will reveal soon.
      You can call me Mira by the way.

      xx, Mira |

    3. Sound Cool ! Im highly anticipated it !
      hope we could do something together :) xoxo


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