Friday, November 29, 2013

Lets Have Natural Brow

Hey Gorgeous !

Can you go out without drawing your eyebrow ?
For me, I can't

Sometimes I see people have a not-right eyebrow
What the not-right brow ??
*this just based on my opinion, feel free to correct me

1. Too Reddish pencil color, and using black color
2. Too wide and too thick
3. Ends Up too long *like a hell whip, in Indonesia is pecut neraka LOL
4. Not Brushed

This is how i do to get natural brow

Besides the step to draw you need to know the brow composition

There's some tools to draw your brow, pick it carefully to match you best !

1. Eyebrow Pencil
The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow
With a triangle pencil shape, and eyebrow brush on the other end
It a nice tools to travelled along, and create perfect daily brow

2. Eyebrow Cake
ELF Eyebrow Cake Kit
it's a nice kit to draw bold eyebrow, but take some times to made it neatly

3. Eyeshadow
NYX Smoky Look Pallete

Take your matte eyeshadow, in brown, dark brow, grey, or black
Using angled brush draw your brow *just follow natural brow shape
It create really soft eyebrow, but looks really natural

How if I dont want to shave my brow ?
or I cant define really good shape of brow ??

Dont worry

This helpfull kit would help u to get really good brow

I found the best tool using eyeshadow and angled brush

Well, It's really simple to have a natural brow, right ??
Hope this post could give Benefit for you !

See You on next post



  1. Nice tutorial, natural banget hasilnya bagus ^^
    Aku juga baru aja beli stencil itu tapi belum dicobain
    *brb nyobain*

    1. Ayoo di share hasil stencilannya ^^
      kalo di aku terlalu "ganjil" gitu hasilnya kalo pake stencil..
      how bout , dear ?

    2. Iyaa samaaa, agak agak gimana gitu dipakenya, tetep ujung ujungnya sih enak gambar sendiri ya. Lol

    3. Iyaaa bener, biar pecut nerakanya sempurna yah ..

  2. Bagus banget alismu. Rapi banget.
    Thank u for tutorial. Alisku rambutny berantakan. Di cabut sakit bangett *_* ada cara lain engga ya?

    1. Kalo aku ngerapiin alis pake cukuran alis aja, ngga sakit walopun cepet tumbuh lagi. Jadi tiap minggu musti rapiin lagi ~_____~'

  3. This is an awesome tutorial brows are so important I love this natural look.


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