Sunday, December 01, 2013

2NE1- 그리워해요(Missing You) Makeup Tutorial - CL Inspired

Hello, Its already December, right ?
Why times are runnning so fast ??

After the Fun Falling In Love, and The Catchy Do You Love Me
The Girls are back
But with sentimental and melancholic song

" Missing You "

And this post is about CL's Makeup
CL always wear a bold and strong liner
it's really nice makeup to re-shaped and define your eyes

But, On this MV the makeup are can't be clearly seen *sigh
But Im lured to this makeup

I try recreate this
Lets know how to !

1. Find out your best primer, put foundation, and finish it by powder
2. Draw your brow using light brown colour, and if u have dry lips apply lip balm first
3. I put an eyeprimer all over my lids
4. Use purple-blue matte eyeshadow *or violet* on your lids 
( my eyeshadow not really good, so the colour doesnt popped out nicely)
5. Use a soft black colour on half of your crease to create a shadow-like on crease
6. Draw winged eyeliner, and wear your favourite mascara
7. Put your favourite eyelashes
8. Re-draw your top eyeliners,and draw your lower lash line using black color. Finish the lower lash line by using mascara on lower lashes
Finish your makeup with peach coloured blusher, and matte coloured lipstick.
Your Look are done !

This is my result !

I try really hard to popped-out my eyeshadow, but still not works *gasp 
I used this coloured eyeshadow


After looking to the MV again, I decide to made the second look
the difference is focused on your eyes, made a monolid eye makeup, with really thick eyeliner.

This is how i do the look

1. Again, prepare your skin. A good skin is a good canvas to draw the makeup
2. Draw your brow, im using grey-brown coloured auto eyebrow pencil
3. The color cant be seen, but im using brown matte eyeshadow, just to give a shade to my eyes
4. Draw eyeliner to help faux lashes sticked naturally to your eyes, dont forget to use mascara
5. Put Faux Lashes
6. Re- Draw your eyeliner, define it to your eyes looked monolid. And draw your lower lash-line, the outer-half supposed to be really thick

This is the second look

The makeup just have a bit different, but i feel my face looked so different !
I take pretty much selca ^^

Dont forget to draw your Fake Mole *LOL

I'm just shaking a bit, but I'm okay
No, the truth is 

I still hate you, you who left me
My cold heart is still 

Missing you
Missing you
Missing you
Missing you
Missing you


Well thats all
Hope this tutorial could made some benefit for you

Have a great December !
See You on the next post !

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  1. Bru bs komen, gra2 ujan kmrn koneksi inet kacau bgt :|
    pretty and gorgeousss :*
    btw km pake merek kamera apa?

  2. Hihihi thankyou .
    Ak cuma pake kamera hp, xperia mini pro ;)


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