Monday, December 23, 2013

REVIEW - NYX LOVE IN RIO ( The Brazilian )

Do you love eyeshadow ?
If you ask me, my answer definitely YES !!
For me eyeshadow are like collectible items, even the colors are just Black, White, and Shade of brown

Today i want to review my new eyeshadow haul
“ NYX Love in Rio “
The Brazilian

I bought it because i think i need my own eyeshadow, supposed to be natural, and could be used everyday

It comes in black plastic packaging, with 3 colors eyeshadow, and 2-ends puff applicator
I loves eyeshadow box in black, it looks professional

The eyeshadow comes in 3 colors, at first glance it’s looked like perfect match for daily use

1.     Matte Ashy Brown

My favourite color !
It’s really great to draw daily eyebrow, nose conturing, and creating crease

2.     Shimmery Nude Pink

When applied just like silver color, no pinkish colour
But it’s great to wear as browbone & tearduct highlighter

3.     Shimmery Toffee

Again, no Toffee Color, just like a shimmery silver eyeshadow
When applied on eyelids, it’s so sheer, i need to use primer first

~ The Matte Brown color are really great
~ Packaging are cute
~ Although the nude pink are sheer, it’s really great when applied as browbone highlighter

~ Too Sheer, So it needs primer
~ Can’t be used as your Primary Eyeshadows, it just complementary
~ Chalky Texture

In my opinion, is it worth ?
I still consider this eyeshadow as WORTHED
It’s a great item as complementary, and maybe could be your favourite for natural & daily makeup


  1. aku ada yg smokey tp blm d coel nihh
    tapi warnanya bagusss kok wearable buat sehari2 hehehe

    1. iyaa tp sheer.nya itu bikin sebel :(
      cuma nyx itu really affordable brand sih yaa ^^


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