Friday, December 13, 2013

2NE1- 그리워해요(Missing You) Makeup Tutorial - Park Bom Inspired

Annyeong !!
I've very tight schedule of work & college, thats made me can't posted something

And today i want to show how to do park bom's makeup on missing you MV
Lets Do the first look

1. prepare your skin first. A good skin is a good canvas to draw the makeup
2. Draw your brow, im using grey-brown coloured auto eyebrow pencil
3. Put Primer all over your lid, dont forget your lower lash line
4. Put silver colored eyeshadow on your lids
5. Using black eyeshadow and liner brush. From lower lashline, draw line to your crease.
6. Using your blending shadow, blend in the black colour to inner 
corner of your eyes
7. Put your favourite Eyelashes
8. Wear highlight on your lower lashline ( near the tearducts ), i use Etude House Line Nuance Duo #05
Finish your look by using Red Lip tint

Your look are done !

This style are a could be used on special ocassions like prom, or party
Dare to be different ??
I decide to lessen the gem, and didnt wear the star shape
Finish your look by using pink coloured lipstick, and do a low ponytail
This is my result

Hope this tutorial could made some benefit for you
If you have some questions, or want to request something, just posted on comment box ^^


  1. cantik bgt saaay <3 mirip loh
    duh suka bgt sama alismu deh, rapiiii hihi

    1. Hhhii . Alisnya hasil brow wax nih .. :D

  2. Cantikk persis ciwik2 koreea deh :*
    Selalu suka sama eyemakeup mu rapi. mungkin bs kasih tauu bikin eyeshadow begitu pake jenis kuas yg mana yaah? hehee

    1. Ahahahaa ..
      Kalo kuas mata ak pake masami shouko .. detailnya nanti ak post yaa ^^

  3. Love these looks! I have followed you on GFC, follow me back if you like my blog :-) Also, I've nominated you for The Liebster Award, check out how to accept it here and let me know once your post is up so I can have a read :-)

    1. Love the awards ^^
      I've followed you .
      thankyou anyway ^^

    2. Thank you! I'm following you too :-) Can't wait to read more of your beauty posts! :-)

    3. Thank You, dear !
      hope my blog could give some benefit for you

  4. Wow! I've seen quite a few people try out Park Bom's makeup from this video, and yours is one of my favourite for sure! The eyes are gorgeous, great job^^

    Would you like to follow eahother on GFC/Bloglovin? Let me know if you do and I'll follow you back!

    1. Hi, Emily ! Our name are same ^^
      thank you, dear.
      Ive followed you by blogspot, lets get along ! ^^


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