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Here, i listed my daily makeup purposes

The most important thing on daily makeup are paired up makeup & skincare !!
How ??
Let me show you mine ^^

Before put your makeup on the most essential thing are make sure your face are clean !
Face wash are important, clean face helps makeup stay well, and helps your skin on it’s best condition.
For daily facewash i use Philliphines Product. This is L-Gluthathione Orange Peel Soap

It helps my skin to achieve best condition, it made my skin supple, non-oily, firm, younger, and bright

Lets do it !
Hello, this is my bare face, dont see my dark circle *cry

First thing that i do is put lipbalm

I use Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly

I have dry lips so it needs to made my lisptick/ tint stay good on my lips, and prevent some flakes comes out
Why i put it first ? i think if i put it first, the balm would absorps well. Do you think so ??

I love to put moisturizer before put other makeup on
I use Citra Hazeline Pearly White. After it put on my skin feel cool, matte and supple. The scent are lovely, and didnt break me out, dont forget it really affordable !

From some article i’ve read the best way to put makeup or skin care on face are by hand.
And you could do simple massage are by applied your moisturizer to upwards side, by circular motion. 
This simple massage are helps your blood circulation, and prevent ageing

BB cream are cosmetic who have skin care and benefit in one
I use Missha Perfect Cover as my daily BB cream
It’s not clogged my pores, not break me out, and have great UV-Protector. So, It’s skin care & makeup YESSS !!

My daily makeup are focused on popped out my eyes
I draw my brow, re-shaped my eyes, and wear mascara

To have natural brow i love to wear the faceshop design my eyebrow
The colour are really match my brow, stay very well, and easy for travelled
Re-Shaped eyes using eyeliner are common girls case
i take the picture from maybelline's website
I use maybelline hyper sharp eyeliner

And Mascara are the core thing to complete your look

I use maybelline rocket volume mascara
Why ?
Daily makeup are needs to be easy to remove, and this mascara are really easy to remove
Just wipe it using water and goodbye !!

To get fresh look, i love to wear pinky blush

Im not wearing regular blush on, just using my tint
Etude House Dear Darling Tint
How to use it ?
Made 2 or 3 dots on your cheek, smile, and dab until it absorps and comes in a pinky colour

Last, but not least
I like to use tint on my lips
I use Etude House Dear Darling Tint
And i just put the tint on inner corner of my lips
The coloured lips are made your face look fresh and sweet !!

After doing some activity outside it’s a time to go home
The protect skin time hasnt over yet
I always wash my face before go to bed, but besides face wash you may need makeup remover
Why ?

Even i already wash my face, when i wipe my face using toner there’s still some dirt left
I dont want to go to bed with dirty face
I love to use avene gently remover

it’s not oily, not sticky, and feels like water
After i put it on my skin it feels absorps my skin very fast
And before i sleep, make sure you’ve done this

How about your skin regime ?
Share here !!!



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  1. Bare face aj mulus bgt loooh. Ad cra ilangin flek itam ga say?? T_T

    1. Katanya Flek itu ga bisa diilangin :'(
      palingan dipudarin dan di cegah supaya ga lebih banyak .
      Sunscreen sih yang ampuh buat mencegah flek

    2. iya jaman msh sma belum kenal sama sunscreen T__T

    3. Hhhiii . Di kurang- kurangin aja coba flek.nya
      Ak kemaren sempet ke SK-II dan kayanya produknya promising, tapi harganya ................

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    1. THANKYOU ^^
      i've following you back, dear .
      nice to know you !

  3. Hallo Emily, aku nominasikan kamu untuk Liebster Award, cek disini ya thank you :)

    1. Okayy . Udah aku check ..

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