Sunday, October 27, 2013

Makeup Tutorial - 2NE1 Falling In Love MV ( Park Bom & Sandara Look )

Hei, Ladies !

This is my last post about 2NE1 Falling In Love Makeup Tutorial
i was happy could done all the tutorials !

i've posted Park Bom's & Dara's makeup tutorial in 1 post *i should call them eonnie honestly*
Why ?
1. I do it in a same time
2. their makeup are resembles a lot

So, lets take a look to Park Bom & Dara first !

* Love the misty green shadow color *

So, Lets start to do the makeup !

1. My Bare eyes *so small*. Put your lovely makeup base, foundation, and powder
2. prime your lids ! i prefer to put primer before i do the brow. IMO, the primer needs some time to absorbs well to your lids
3. Draw the brow. For Dara's brow it's 'blonde' colored, and for Bom's brow its light brown. again, dont wear black eyebrow color, i never seen it *just some maybe*
I think it's going to be like JJangu *LOL
4. Put misty green eyeshadow. i use my 120 pallete eyeshadow in misty green. mac paintpot or the balm shady lady-jealous jordana have great misty green color eyeshadow
Well, it's already half way done
Lets start to next step

Dara's Makeup

~ I put circle contact lens, brown color

1.Draw your eyeliners, winged but straight. Drawing an eyeliner before put fake lashes are helps 3982x the fake lashes looked natural.
2.Put Your fake lashes, thick are fine but not too long. 
3.Re-draw your eyeliner, define it sharper and thicker. And draw your lower lash line, draw just 1/4 part of your eyes,i use wet & wild coloricon pallete e737 eyeshadow
4.Finish it by do the highlighter, do on the your 3/4 lower lash line, tear duct, and browbone. Your look now done !
TIPS : to get glowy look like Dara, wear your favourite bronzer on cheek, chin and nose bone
This is my result, *gasp my cheeks is a big problem :(

Bom's Makeup

~ I change my contact lens, to the grey colour

1. Draw the eyeliners, winged, straight, but a bit longer than Dara's
2. Put your fake lashes. Wear the long and thick one !
3. Re-draw eyeliner, define it thicker. Draw lower lash liner 1/3 part of your eyes
4. Put Higlighter on 2/3 lower lash line and tear duct. Your Bommie Look now done !

TIPS : Finished this 2 looks by using peach-coloured blush on and lipstick

This is mine. I try to re-enact Bommie Eonnie's pose on the mv LOL

Well, i've finished all the look for the 2NE1 Falling in Love MV ( Click here to see Minzy & CL tutorials )

Complete members LOL
I feel 3852395085x HAPPY !
When i made a tutorial i always hoping

1. the tutorial are usefull for you
2. i'm not FAILED to re-create the look

See You On the next post !
Hope today is a great MONDAY !


  1. so pretty <3
    make upnya bagus, cocok di kamu. Good tutorial :D

  2. Aw! Love this look! You have such a way with your tutorials! Love them! Keep the tutorials coming! :)

    1. I want to posted one tutorial everyday, but due to my activity i cant :'(
      thankyou beauty *kiss

  3. nice tutorial, bagus hasilnya :)
    btw, thanks udh mampir ke blog ku, and yes, inay temen aku. kenal inay juga?

    1. Makasih :*
      Kenal bgt ,, temen ak bgt di kampus ..
      pas ak blogging nemu blog km kayanya namamu ga asing gitu, beraniin nanya walo ga kenal :D

  4. Baguss :D Seneng tutorial nya jelas bangett :3

    mind to follow each other?

    1. Thank You, Dear :)
      Aku udah follow km ya .

  5. What gorgeous looks! :)


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