Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hollywood 20’s Makeup Challenge

Hey Beauties !
What’s your plan on your weekend ?

Last day when i just randomly browse some blogs, i’ve found something interesting on PYGMALION LAND BLOG, it’s a giveaway, sponsored by The Balm Indonesia. Then what they give ? There are NudeTude Pallete, Meet Matte Pallete, and Instain Blush. It’s enough to lure me in LOL

What i need to do is re-create makeup from The Balm Instain Cover, shoot it, then post it. Just that simple.
But it’s really not-that-simple. Taking the photos are seriously hardest thing. I already take around 100 pics, but Im unsatisfied.
I do 2 styles, there’s Argyle & Lace.


Hope could take the babies to my beauty case, and my new post about is about nudetude, well i hate boasting, but just pretty optimism.
Have a great weekend !



  1. Hi emily! :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and drop lovely comment~
    I hope we can get along well ^^
    anw I've follow your blog, mind to follow mine back? :)
    thanks <3

  2. Done, dear :)

    I hope so, nice to know you *hugs



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