Sunday, October 20, 2013

2NE1 Falling In Love Makeup Tutorial - CL

Are You Ready ?
Are You Ready ?
You Should Ready ! LOL

Hello, today i wanna show you how to made 2NE1 Looks On their Falling In love MV
Actually, i already made the tutorial on last month when this MV out.
But, i didnt made it well. So i decide to re-make it, better.

Then, on this post i wanna show you how to do makeup like CL.
From some photos of her, i saw she wear this makeup on every appearance.
Lets peek on the MV's caps

CL's makeup are focused on eyes, with a really strong eyeliner, and thick eyelashes
It's Sexy, and bad-gal-like, hmmm  really baddest female,

This is how i create CL's Look, im touch my face over here, and over there
See and Try it too :)

1. My Bare Face, wears your favourite primer, BB Cream/Foundation, Build coverage to medium-high, wear bronzer to create a glowy look.
I think CL tanned for this MV, since it realease on summer *correct-me-if-im-wrong*hug*
So, If u want to create tanned-look wears darker tone foundation compared to your skin tone

2. Shape Up your brow, i use the faceshop lovely me:ex design my eyebrow shade #5-brown

3. i tried to find out did CL's wear any eyeshadow or not. I found out she didnt wearing eyeshadow, or wearing but extra-thin and in a natural color
Eyeshadow helps your eyes shine brighter, i wear natural color of eyeshadow, i just want to get the "bling" effect, i use Makeup Academy- Undress Me- Shade#4

4. I want to put a fake lashes, so before i put the lash, i draw an eyeliner first. i helps to make your fake lashes looks natural

5. I put a fake lashes, wear your favourite lashes. but in this style i reccomend to wear a short, but thick lashes.

6. When your fake lashes already stick firmly. Now it's time to build CL's eyeliner. In my opinion it's a bit hard. You Need to make sure it the hike, and thickness are perfect !
Well, i posted how to draw the liner's on tips. scroll down.  

6.a. The Looks when i close my eyes

7. For under-eyeliner it's lined all over your under-eyeliner. And give a bit higlighter on your tear-ducks, i wear MUA-Undress Me-Shade#1. Now, Your baddest female eyes done !

This is my result, hope it's not failed :)


Well, this look is really focused on the eyeliners, it's long and hiked. I give you a detailed tutorial to draw the eyeliner.
1. draw the wing first, from inner~outer. it's hiked around 45 degree (lol im too detailed here). The most convenient step to draw eyeliner is draw the outer line first. 
it prevent your liner being out-of-control
2. From your tear-ducks draw outer line, until it allied with the wing line. then fill it, make really black and thick

Let's people kept falling in love when they see you eyes, then let your haters sit and stare !
Hope this tutorial are usefull for you :)


Ps : I'll posted other Members makeup soon !


  1. wow, you are so awesome :D since my right hand is injured a couple months ago i can't draw eyeliner properly >< hahaha, you did a good job!

    xoxo, leen <3

    1. Thanks for lovely comment *hugs
      OH GOD ! Thats big disaster if i got that too :( *cant-live-without-eyeliners

      Ive added you to my circle, lets get along well, dear !

  2. Love how good you did the eyeliner! I never have a steady hand when I do eyeliner so neither side turns out looking like the other T.T Great job! Love the eye make up on you! :)

    1. Hello Mizu !
      Thanks for appreciate it, but honestly the eyeliner help me 95%
      I doubt could do the same if i use other eyeliners.
      Then, thanks for following me !


  3. Perfect! Winged liner!!!
    Omg more tutorial please????
    Thankyou follownya. Bsk ak follback :)

    1. Thanks dear :)
      cuma ngarep punya waktu yang banyakkkk ! LOL
      glad to know you *kiss


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