Sunday, October 20, 2013

Makeup Tutorial - DAMAGE LADY KARA ( Go Hara Look )

Seductive, Simple, and Natural ?
who dont love it ?

This tutorial is about to create Go Hara In KARA music Video "DAMAGE LADY" Look.
Lets take a look first..

She's really beautiful here.
And this is some point
* straight brow
* simple liners
* strong higlighter
* and lovely gradation lips

This is how i do ...

1. Use your favourite Primer, BB Cream/ Foundie
2. Draw YOur Brow, im using MUA - Undress Me Shade 5. Draw it straight, and soft
3. The eyeshadow shade are reddish brown, i use MUA - Undress me shade 9. Spread it all over your eyelid
4. Draw your liner, and draw it really thin to give a natural look, then put mascara on your top lashes
5. Wear thin and short eyelashes, then put higlighter. I use MUA - Undress Me Shade 1
6. Last, draw your lower liner just 1/3 part of your lower eyeline. It supposed to be soft. Then wear mascara and your lower lashline
7. See on mirror, You're like Hara, now :)

My Result ...

It's seductive

ow my earrings, so bling LOL

See how simple it ?
I recommend to use a coloured contact lens to complete your seductive look

Then this is how to do the lips
I Use Etude House Dear Darling Tint #1 

See you on next beauty talks !



  1. waaaa mirip loh, cantik sekalii :D tutorialnya jg jelas
    oya aku udah follow balik g+nya, dan follow GFC km :D
    follow back GFC aku jg ya

  2. Thank You *hugs
    Yupss ak udah follow GFC kamu juga ya, hope we could get along well :)


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