Thursday, October 24, 2013

Makeup Tutorial - 2NE1 Falling In Love Makeup ( Minzy Looks )

Annyeong Haseo !!

Well, Why I tell my greeting in Korean ?
Here's the clue "Allright ... Allright ... Allright"

This post is about Kpop again :)
Ive continued doing makeup tutorial for 2NE1 MV "falling in love"

On last post, i made the makeup tutorial for  CL LOOKS
And today is Minzy's Makeup 

I've doing this tutorial a bit late after the song & MV released.
Why ? Actually, I already made their makeup but i just put on my instagram, but it's really simple and *sigh* bad quality

Let's take a look on the original first

It's a cat-eye look !

Lets try it !!
Open your beauty case now !

1. Wear your favourite primer,foundation, and finish it with powder,build to medium coverage
2. Draw brow. Use dark-brown or dark-grey colour. Say no to black color eyebrow, kpop never do that *well i think
3. Wear your favourite brown-bronze color. I use Makeup Academy Undress Me Pallete shade#4
4. Draw Eyeliner to define your eyeline. i recommend to use Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner, really simple to apply, really fast to dry
5. Minzy's makeup are really focused on her eyes. I use medium-thick and long faux lashes. The lashes application are done. 
6. Now lets do the smoky eyes. Take your black color eyeshadow use your blending brush (i use masami shouko 216). Start from outer corner crease and blend it to inner corner crease.
   The outer corner crease supposed to be the darkest area. Draw your lower lash line using black colour 1/2 part of your eyes. Finished the rest by the highlighter, i use MUA Undress Me Shade#1
7. Apply your mascara, and your look are done !
   PS: To complete your look, wear pink blush on and lipstick ..

Hmmm.. This is my result
Ive doing it makeup while hear the song
Allright ... Allright ... Allright ...

See You on next post !


  1. I totally love your eyes! The eye makeup you did is amazing as always *.* The lashes really did give it the extra zing! great tut! :)

    1. Thank You Mizu :)
      Im just hoping im not failed doing this tutr LOL


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